Thursday, October 24, 2013

   What a wonderful time to be here at The Poor House Ranch.   There was a new calf born just the other day.  Her momma is very proud of her baby .... and very protective.  That's a good thing.  I want the mommas to be watchful and to call for and go fetch their babies.  It shows good maternal traits.  I like to see the mommas bounce back after delivery and this one sure did.  She was up grazing in no

time.  She wasn't upset when her calf bounced around. That sweet little calf took off running and couldn't figure out how to stop!!  Her momma just raised her head and watched while munching on the last of this summers grass.   Life is so precious.   I am in awe most of the time here on the ranch.  Each moment brings something new and amazing.  I have been ranching for many many years and it never gets dull.  Change is constant....

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